bride-groom-webFrom the most important step of the bride’s “I will” to the planning of the “big day” where the bride says “I do”, the excitement of planning a wedding inevitably builds in every engaged couple.  At Waterfall Club there are so many opportunities to assist with the planning and execution of these “once-in-a-lifetime” events because of the breathtaking views, warm and friendly staff, and exceptionally prepared cuisine by Chef Mark Wilkins.  Waterfall Club has remarkable overnight accommodations at The Lodge Suites or with many different estate homes in a property management program.  An exceptionally groomed mountain golf course maintained by Course Superintendent, Ian Murphy, often proves valuable for groomsmen to have some friendly wedding weekend competition and camaraderie.

Waterfall-Crew-webIan’s staff is also very instrumental when large venues take place at The Lodge that require some real teamwork to make quick work of a bride’s special request for specific room layouts and table placements.  Without this assistance we simply couldn’t maneuver the items that need special placement in order to accommodate upwards of 250 within the vision of the wedding party.  Speaking of such a large venue, the overnight accommodations are again a team effort between Amy Giles as Membership Director and Sheri York as Member – Guests Services Director.  These two ladies have the important responsibility for keeping track of who is coming and going, and when and where.  All of our Lodge suites and rental homes are kept in tip top shape through Gary Speed, as Chief Engineer, and his capable housekeeping crew.  They work hard behind-the-scenes to provide clean and welcoming rooms.  The final piece to making all things together in perfect harmony is Mother Nature, and she has been ever so gracious to us at Waterfall Club, allowing us internally to joke, “Rain?  It doesn’t rain on wedding days at Waterfall!”  We’ve been fortunate not to have had too many contingency plans over the years!

wedding-webThere is a lot of passion and care that goes into making certain that each individual wedding is custom designed and perfectly executed, as we only get one shot to put a smile on the bride’s face (and daddy, who is typically going to foot the bill)!  Our goal is to create a lifetime of lasting memories about the partnership between the wedding host and the Club.  The pictures we get to be featured in are good indications that we are successful in our efforts with many smiles from everyone in the wedding parties and their guests.


LBWS dinner featuring Rick Caudle, Bordeaux Expert

These large, but infrequent events take place in The Lodge and surrounding facilities, so we thank our members for sharing their most valuable spaces.  Again, we aim for three large events or less in the spring and the same in the fall; and, we always offer an alternate event just for Members and Guests.  Most recently we sold out the Lake Burton Wine Society Spring Bordeaux Dinner, and we happen to have the upcoming Seafood Extravaganza on Saturday, April 30.  Please take advantage of these specialty nights as we hope these efforts add value and interest to your membership at Waterfall Club, while enabling the joining of two individuals coming together as one in arguably the most picturesque setting in the southeast.

Doug Johnson
F&B Director

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