Pan-Seared-Wild-Caught-Cod-Loin-webThe busy season at Waterfall Club is fast approaching with the telltale signs of spring in the air and blossoms blooming.  This is such an exciting time of the year when the winter hibernation is over and we can begin to get a taste of what is in store for all of us to enjoy.  With the all new key managers in the Food and Beverage department at Waterfall Club, this Easter weekend was definitely in accordance with the changing season.

Banana-Nona-webWith Chef Mark Wilkins debuting his first version of The Lodge Dining Menu members were able to gain insight into what to expect from his vast culinary expertise.  With a focus on freshness Chef Mark source a wild caught cod and turned it into an early member favorite.  A sweet offering of a Banana Nona cake made in-house by our very own Pastry Chef, Jennifer Merino.  The Shrimp and Lobster Scampi featured on the menu was beautifully presented and if the saying that “you eat with your eyes” is true we had many ravenous diners when presenting their main courses!  Laura Pearson, Assistant Food and Beverage Director has taken lead on building the wait staff and bartending teams that will continue to place tasty beverages and artistic plates of food in front of our members all season long!

In between all of the evening and brunch dining Laura took the helm on the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Decorating event that took place onCookie-Decorating-web Saturday.  After much deliberation on how messy, but fun, it would be for children to dye eggs for the crafts, Laura had already decided to find a way to make it happen.  As you can see from the smiling faces on the children, this was a great thing to do.  I am sure that you can also see the smiles on the parent’s faces that this was also a great thing to do… especially at the Club and not in the kitchen at home!  As another Easter Weekend winds down with such perfect weather for the occasion and having had all of our friends, families, and familiar faces coming together in one special place, it truly makes us all thankful for everything that we have in life and grateful to be a part of such a special place as Waterfall Club.

Doug Johnson

F&B Director

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