What’s New for 2016 from the Golf Staff

With the cold and wet Winter behind us, we are now ready for the longer, warmer and sunny days that are right around the corner.  It has been a very productive “off-season” and we are proud to introduce some new amenities, programs and merchandise that will surely be enjoyed by our Waterfall Club membership.

Golf Services

Introducing the Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor

Waterfall Club Golf Operations has recently invested in the industry leading technology to bring a launch monitor on site.  Having a launch monitoring system will allow more in depth teaching, club fitting, ball fitting, and better practice habits. The GC2 Foresight Launch Monitor gives an enormous amount of game-building performance data including ball speed, launch angle, push/pull angle, side spin, total spin, carry distance, club head speed, swing path, angle of attack, club face open/closed, club face angle, club face lie angle, and club face loft angle. All of this data is extremely important from a club fitting and teaching standpoint to ensure that each golfer is getting the maximum performance out of their golf clubs and their swing.

One of the great benefits of the GC2 Launch Monitor is the portability of the system.  We will have the ability to take the GC2 system down to the grass practice tee and hit real golf balls to fine tune your wedges and find out exactly how far you really do hit that gap wedge.  You heard correct, we will be switching over to real practice balls this season, which means the old “marshmallow” practice balls are a thing of the past.  We will also be adding 8 new target flags on the practice area that will be spaced out in 10 yard increments which will provide for a great opportunity for everyone to work on the one area of our golf games that account for over half of our golf shots.

“If you were to watch a professional golfer during a practice session, it would look much different than that of most amateurs. They spend 75% of their time practicing shots 120 yards or less! Why? Because in an average round 65% of their shots are taken within that yardage range and they understand that tournaments are won and lost with the short game.”

What this means for everyone this year is that you will only be able to hit a club that goes a maximum of 115 yards off of the grass practice tee.  Any club that travels more than 115 yards will need to be used in the hitting bays that were built and well received last year.  We feel that the combination of the hitting bays, the new GC2 Launch Monitor and the transition of the grass practice tee to a “wedge” only area, will prove to be a great benefit to our entire Golf Membership.  You will now have the ability to practice and work on all aspects of your golf game at Waterfall Club.  When people play better, they usually want to play more and seeing everyone out here more often will make for a very happy Golf Staff.

A broader range of products are coming to your “NOT Just Golf” Shop

TennisClothesIn 2015 we had a goal of bringing in a great selection of merchandise that was perfect for the golfer and also test out some other products that were not golf specific.  That goal was achieved last year and the product selection was very well received by our membership.  Moving in to 2016, we wanted to build on that momentum and find products that would be sought after by the entire membership at Waterfall Club.

With the excitement of the new Tennis Facilities that are on the way, we have brought in a great looking line of tennis apparel from Polo.  Sunglasses

In addition to this line from Polo, we have apparel coming in from numerous manufacturers that will be great for tennis, workout, and leisure.  If you enjoy hiking, we have some great insulated water bottles from Camelbak on the way and the extensive line of eyewear from Oakley is already in the shop.  Oakley is a leader in eyewear industry and offers a large selection of frame styles and lenses.  From golf specific eyewear to glasses that are great for boating, fishing or the hottest fashion trend, Oakley has a perfect match for your lifestyle.  This is only a small taste of the great products that are on the way for the 2016 Season.

We are anxious for the warmer weather to arrive and look forward to having you stop by your “NOT Just Golf” Shop in the near future.

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