A new Spring golf season has arrived at Waterfall

A great way to get a head start to the new season and improve your game is to replace the old grips on your clubs with new grips customized to your swing and preference. As a rule of thumb golfers should re-grip once every year. Regardless of whether you play golf every day or only twice a year there are factors such as heat, dirt, and oils that are constantly at work breaking down the materials that make up your grips. Granted, frequent play and personal preference may dictate re-gripping sooner, but normally there is only enough degradation of the material after a year to warrant fresh grips. So, what is the danger of a worn grip you might ask? A slick grip causes the golfer to grasp the club tighter, which adds arm and wrist tension that inhibits proper swing mechanics. Keep in mind that grips lose a significant amount of their original feel long before the visual signs of wear become evident as they get hard and glazed over. Because it happens slowly over time, most golfers fail to notice it. That’s important to remember because just a tiny, imperceptible slip at contact will be magnified to many yards by the time the ball reaches its target.


Many people find that getting in the routine of re-gripping every spring as the golf season “officially” begins is the easiest way to remember. Playing with a grip with traction and making sure the proper grip on your clubs is extremely important because the grip is the only thing that connects you to the golf club. The traction that a fresh grip provides lets you hold the club lightly without the subconscious fear of losing the club during your swing. This relaxed state promotes proper swing mechanics and wrist action.

One of the most overlooked clubs to re-grip is the putter

Here are a few examples of what a grip change on your putter can do:252496_multi1

  • Larger grips decrease the amount of wrist action, promoting a square club face at impact
  • Firm grips decrease grip pressure lessening tension
  • Softer tacky grips promote feel for increased distance control
  • Counter balance grips promote stability in the stroke

There is no one grip that is right for all golfers; thus, grip selection varies widely with individual needs and preferences. The Waterfall Golf Shop offer grips from all the top manufacturers: Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, and Super Stroke.

Please contact the golf shop with any questions and to set an appointment to have your clubs re-gripped.

Blake Forbis

Assistant Golf Pro
Waterfall Club
706-212-4020 – shop direct

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