We’re thrilled to announce the beginning of an exciting new era at Waterfall Club, as our membership has voted in favor of a comprehensive, multi-million-dollar Club renovation project scheduled to be completed in two phases over the next two years.

Upcoming Club improvement projects include:

  • Comprehensive improvements to the golf course and practice areas
  • Renovated fitness facility with additional space for group classes
  • Remodeled spa with relaxation room
  • Modernized Dining Room with new bar
  • Improved facade and landscaping of the Athletic Center

2020 is just the beginning of an exciting era of growth and development at the Club, and we want you to stay current on all the exciting developments at the Club this season.

Check this page frequently over the coming months for the latest news and photos from this exciting project!

Update - 2/3/2020

The flagstone patio is complete. The finishing touches will be done today!

Update - 1/6/2020

This is the view of the new stretch room. Located to the right of the front door is much more spacious!

Update - 2/3/2020

The new floors are installed and they look awesome! 

Update - 1/6/2020

The view from the front door looking into the main fitness area. 

Update - 1/6/2020

This view is from the hallway leading into the fitness room. To the left is the stretch room, to the right is the main fitness area.

Update - 1/6/2020

Pool progress has been made with the columns being taken out creating more room on the pool deck! 

Update - 2/3/2020

Greenside bunker on #11 has been raised almost five feet.

Update - 2/12/2020

Hole #5 greens complex is under demo. The bunkers on the right side have been removed and shaped into what will be the zoysia approach. The greenside bunker is being lifted and slightly reduced to soften the severity of slope at the green. The biggest improvement will be the removal of the false front at the green. Reshaping the approach, what was previously a 20 yard consequence and even more intimidating chip shot back, will now be a receiving area to catch and hold the shots into the green without the detrimental impact of previous.

Update -2/3/2020

Hole #17 bunker has been pushed back deeper into the hillside. This will save those shots that would have otherwise been lost. The bunker on the back right will now offer some depth perception to the shot as well.

Update - 2/3/2020

The greens complex is complete on Hole 13. Zeon zoysia added and extended the approach. Left side, what used to be a bunker is now a chipping area. The large green bunker on the right has been reduced, raised and separated with a bail out

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