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The Georgia and North Carolina mountains are home to some of the most spectacular golf courses in the country, and Waterfall routinely ranks among the very best the region has to offer. Highlighted by unrivaled mountain views, immaculate course conditions and a course layout offering an enjoyable test for players of all abilities, Waterfall offers a golf experience unlike any other.

Panoramic Views

The panoramic views across the course and of Lake Burton will distract you from the challenging and masterfully designed holes in front of you. Waterfall’s golf course is not only known for eye appeal, but for its bentgrass fairways and putting surfaces which are green year-round, adding an appealing aesthetic experience and as well as for superb playing conditions.

Signature Hole #2

While our second hole, a par 3 dropping 210 feet over a waterfall to the green is our signature hole and one seen in countless golf publications, our other 17 golf holes are superb as well and meander around the mountain, near the lake, and through valleys and swales. Sometimes it is so breathtaking to be on Waterfall’s course that you’ll forget that last bogey you made and marvel at the experience and beauty of it all. Now this is getting away.

Take a Tour of the course!

Enjoy a photographic tour and tutorial of each hole of the amazing golf course at Waterfall Club. Each hole is detailed with its own slide show of pictures. Click the arrows to skim through or click on the pictures to see the full image. Use the slide shows as tools to learn how to improve your game or as virtual way to share the experience with your friends and family.


A challenging start that requires a well placed tee shot in the fairway to give yourself a chance of placing the second shot on the correct level of the two tier green. The second shot plays a half club long and the key is to avoid the deep bunkers just short of the green.


Enjoy the view for a minute, but quickly get to work on this 210ft drop from tee to green.  From the back tee, which measures 187 yards, play a 130 yard shot to the center of the green. Hit your tee shot, step up and watch your ball sail in the air and onto the green for what feels like 30 seconds.


A dogleg right that requires proper club selection off the tee, too much club and you may hit it through the fairway. Second shot plays half a club long and be sure to avoid the deep greenside bunker and the trouble left.


At first glance this par 3 is very intimidating with the abundance of bunkers surrounding the green. The play here is to take 1 club less and hit the center of the relatively flat green.


Visually, #5 is as tough as holes come, as you cannot see the bottom fairway from the tee. In addition to the change in elevation, the fairway is guarded with out-of-bounds both left and right. The second shot plays a club short, but certainly does not make hitting the correct level of this green any less difficult.


The split fairway requires you to make the choice off the tee as to how aggressive you want to be. If you decide to hit driver and do not carry it through the rough, it will make the uphill shot to the green that much more difficult.


A lengthy par 3 that plays about a club less into a massive green. The key to this hole is to select the correct club and avoid the possible 100+ foot putt.


A risk reward par 4 that allows players to choose which way they would like to attack the hole. Whether you choose to drive for the green, or to lay up in the fairway, be sure to avoid the creek that splits the left side of the fairway from the green.


An intimidating view over the valley of the shadow of death, this tee shot demands a straight ball placed in the fairway. The second shot you must choose to either challenge the huge greenside bunker going for the green or lay up and avoid the sloping rough on either side. A well placed second shot should lead to a great birdie opportunity.


Hole #10 is one of two back-to-back par 5’s, something very unique to The Waterfall Club. This short par five demands a precise drive in the fairway with trouble left and thick rough right. The second shot plays back up the hill into a two tier green. A well placed second shot leaves yourself a great opportunity for birdie or even an eagle.


A short par three that rewards a good tee shot and can punish a wayward tee shot. This hole plays about a full club short and everything will slope from left to right towards the deep greenside bunker and tall fescue.


A short dogleg right that is all about placing the ball first in the fairway, normally with less club than driver. The approach into the green is then normally a short iron to wedge, but do not get too aggressive as there is trouble down the right side of the green and long.


The tee shot allows you to be aggressive as the fairway runs from right to left into the green, just be sure to carry all the trouble down the left. The second shot into the green requires precision and distance control as the green runs away from you and is guarded by a bunker front right and back left.


Each tee requires a different approach but placing the ball in the fairway is essential with a creek running down the left side of the fairway and an intense slope of rough to the right. The second shot will be played with a long iron and demands accuracy as the entrance to the green is very narrow and trouble is just off the left side of the green.


Deep rough to the left and a steep slope to the right make it necessary for the tee shot to find the fairway. Whether you choose to go for the green or to lay up, accuracy is key because of the creek that splits the fairway. A lay up to the left fairway is a must when the pin is on the top level of the massive two tier green.


The tee shot is intimidating because of the trouble left and right. A well placed tee ball allows you to go for the green. Just be sure to hit your approach on the proper level and avoid the rock wall surrounding the green.


Another long intimidating par 3 which demands absolute precision off the tee. The shot into the green will play about one club less. Select the correct club and fire one into the center of the green. Walking away with a three on this hole is a very good score.


A wonderful par 4 closing hole that rewards a good tee shot and can punish a shot off the fairway. The second shot plays into a two-tier green and hitting the correct side is a must when trying to close out a great round. Be sure to take in the view from the tee box, it will keep you coming back.

Bergin Golf Designs renovation in 2020

Waterfall Club’s golf experience is truly special and only 90 minutes north of Atlanta. A major renovation of bunkers, green complexes and fairways was completed by Bill Bergin in 2020…Let us show you to wow!

Looking for more information?

To learn more contact Amy Giles, Membership Director, by calling 706-212-4000 or email agiles@thewaterfallclub.com

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